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Last night, in my sleep, I visit a supermarket with my mother, only in addition to the usual supermarket subdivisions (bakery, pharmacy, etc.) there's a psychiatry clinic. My mother insists on making me an appointment.

"I just came here to buy shaving cream," I say.

The psychiatrist is Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin. The secret is that when he's not being a musician he actually looks like a middle-aged white guy. He says he's looking forward to working with me and shows me a filmstrip, in French, about why dead baby jokes are morally wrong.

Fox refuses to run ads for the spermicide Encare, apparently on moral grounds. The network will accept contraceptive ads, it turns out, only if the product's stated main purpose is disease protection. This from the people who put on "Temptation Island"? What the fuck?

Congo's new president makes noises about democracy and peace, but I'm not too impressed even if Colin Powell is. The elder Kabila was a thug, and at this point Congo's more of a blast zone than a country. Here's a decent primer on central Africa's three-year-old war involving seven nations, which gets next to no coverage except when Ebola breaks out.

A pretty funny slam of The God Part of the Brain, a new book that attempts to explain religion through evolutionary biology. The reviewer compares its bizarre hubris to "The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millenium General Assembly" (the giant collage sculpture by the janitor, not the Denis Johnson poems). They also mention Mark Salzman's Lying Awake, which has gotten enough positive press by now that I really need to check it out.

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