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el día del cerdo de la tierra

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, so six more weeks of winter. That bastard.

Today's A.Word.A.Day is "cancrine," a synonym for "palindromic" which ranks pretty high on the arcane-o-meter since it's not in my three-volume Merriam-Webster. They give "cancer," as in crab, for etymology; I'm guessing this refers to the way crabs can walk in either direction, which is pretty cute. Though I don't know if crabs really do that or if it's just folklore. I've never had the patience to do letter cancrines, but I was into word ones for a while. There were a couple cute ones:

Man is he who questions who he is, man.

Beware, drama major, cause Will Shakespeare will cause major drama. Beware!

I know the last word is kind of cheap in both of those, but interjections work out like that.

Maybe the flipside of the quake is that it will keep India and Pakistan from going to war again. Maybe. I'd like to think so.

Careful, Dubya. I don't care if it is Iraq; you try to destabilize foreign governments, you end up embarrassing yourself and Europe laughs at you. Again. Haven't we learned this by now?


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