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armed forces

Up late working on my accursed novella. Here's a summary, consisting of the words I've had to teach Word 2000's spell checker in the past few days:

Retinae, plasmid, metastasized, iridesce, talentless, indie, resect, frisbee, irides, sclerae, rainclouds, palo verde, wireframe, microliter, dorky, Kahlua, eyepatch, macchiato, edetic acid.

I got a survey in my Workshop mailbox today, which is apparently directed to all graduate students. Among other things, it asks me whether I feel that different expectations are placed upon students of color, and whether my thesis advisor has ever sexually harassed me. I don't even have a thesis advisor yet, so there goes one more opportunity for action.

People are making my life easier by sending interesting content. From Grantino, an exploration of the limits of the United States Postal Service.

First, this experiment yielded a 64% delivery rate (18/28), an almost two-thirds success rate.... This is astounding, considering the nature of some of the items sent.... Second, the delivery involved the collusion of sequences of postal workers, not simply lone operatives. The USPS appears to have some collective sense of humor, and might in fact here be displaying the rudiments of organic bureaucratic intelligence.

And from Valkyrie, the new George W. Bush $200 bill and the Dairy Queen that treats it as legal tender. Thanks, folks.

The chili I ate at midnight is coming back to haunt me. I suspect the writing life is kind of always like this, and I don't know how that makes me feel.


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