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anode, cathode

Here we go again. Operation Infinite Loop.

So this is a proud day for your automotively challenged friend; I replaced a car battery without hurting myself, the Honda or any fuzzy animals. I was lucky that there's an import auto parts emporium twenty yards from my apartment. After I bought the new battery the guy behind the counter said "Enjoy your battery," which struck me as a great benediction.

Blog You! is a consumer's guide to weblogs using a rating system. I expect we're about to see a lot of these.

Here's a Salon article pointing out why many capitalists are for keeping the estate tax, making points that Gore inexplicably failed to make during the debates, presumably because he was too busy pointing out 72-year-old Agnes Fairbanks of Berea OH in the audience, who was in danger of losing her prescription drugs; viz., repealing the tax would create an aristocracy of wealth and fly in the face of equal opportunity, not to mention harming the charities to which plutocrats donate as a way of jettisoning their wealth. Not mentioned, but relevant, is the statistic that only 2 percent of deceased folks are even affected by the tax.

Four fables by Eric Dalton.

In the year 0, you'll be able to say: "Two over easy, whiskey down - takes bacon, crisp," and a dog will understand you. In the year 0, the earth's axis will be revealed to be a simple metal rod - no more, no less - with our orb transfix'd upon it. In the year 0, we'll see our true relationship to things - stand before one another as we really are. In the year 0, it will be safe to smell again.

Imelda Marcos visits the shoe museum.


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