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don juan of the cornfields

We had a miniature ice storm last night and it slicked up the sidewalks to the point where you could sort of locomote by sliding. Some undergrads were playing hockey in a parking lot outside my apartment building, using snow shovels for sticks. This is what one does for fun in the winter, I guess.

I got an ad on my door from Serendipity, a local "lifestyle emporium" catering to college students. You can do your laundry and drink coffee or smoothies while watching cult films; they'll also deliver sandwiches, salads, beer, cigarettes, videos and dry cleaning. Their slogan is "Why Deal With It, When We'll Do It?" $25 procures you the Lover's Package:

2 sandwiches or salads, bottle of wine, 1 video, 1 candle, 1 bath salt, 3 condoms.

Via robotwisdom: studies in extinct bird DNA help confirm the Pangaea theory and suggest that we'll never be able to clone live animals from the fossil record. My question is: why is like 97% of animal DNA junk? What's it used for? I imagine a Contact scenario where it proves to be an important message from God, like instructions on how to achieve instant orgasms.

What's really in your Happy Meal. And in a related article, corporate sponsorship sinks its tendrils into underfunded classrooms:

"Whether it's first graders learning to read or teenagers shopping for their first car, we can guarantee an introduction of your product and your company to these students in the traditional setting of the classroom," reads one chilling brochure for a Kids Power Marketing Conference.

96 percent of American children can identify Ronald McDonald.


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