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J. recently picked up a small Farsi phrasebook with useful sections on dealing with the Iranian police and declining to participate in unspecified local customs. Also, the Farsi word for snow turns out to be “barf.” After running through the “barf leopard,” the “barfy owl,” and “Dashing through the barf,” true hilarity was achieved with:

Stopping by Woods on a Barfy Evening

He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with barf.

And you all thought it couldn’t get better than Feuersnot.

Barf was general all over Ireland.

Persian not Farsi (in English); burf not barf (no Alif)

Ah ha. We also are not sure that the phrasebook, in practice, would be much help with the police.

Feuersnot? Firesnot? Are you planning on going to Iran and getting yourselves busted?

Well, no one expects the Spanish inquisition....

I do need for you to post some police related statements.....

Oh, I can't say no to the comment box! But no vouching for the transliteration here:

Ma'zerat mikham.
I'm sorry.

Nafahmidam ke kār e eshtebāhi mikonam.
I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong.

In kār o nakardam.
I didn't do it.

Mikham bā sefārat khod am tamās begiram.
I want to contact my embassy.

Mitunam ye vakil e ingilisi zabā;n begiram?
Can I have a lawyer who speaks English?

Hughugh e khod am o midunam.
I know my rights.


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