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The Hellenistic Period in California: A Survey

1) The inscription in the lobby of Wheeler Hall honoring Benjamin Ide Wheeler, professor of Greek philology, president of the University of California (1899-1919), and author of volumes including Der griechische Nominalaccent (1885), Dionysos and Immortality (1899), and The Whence and Whither of the Modern Science of Language (1905).


Muriai de andrōn aretai, mia de ek pasan prokeitai, hos ta par’ cheiros kubernas en dikaiaisi phrenessin.

There are countless forms of excellence among men, but one stands out among all of them: when a man conducts whatever lies at hand with a just mind.

—Bacchylides, Epinician Ode 14

2) The gay Prize of Superiority in Football statue by the creek, unveiled in 1900 to commemorate the Big Game victories of previous years.


Pas de ho agonizōmenos panta enkrateuetai.

Every athlete controls himself in all things.

—First Corinthians 9:25


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