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—J. walked across kitchen floor in white socks, socks instantly became gross. Must mop kitchen floor. Excuse for not noticing earlier: I don't wear white socks.

—Finish Bertrand Russell's enormous history of Western philosophy. I'm only at Aquinas right now. I must swallow more Aquinas, I must devour the world. Having done this, I will feel competent to actually go read Kant or Spinoza or someone.

—Cat, why are you cying?

—I really need a haircut.

—The "critical crux" of Lolita. Well, we know that; it's solipsism and the tyranny of unchecked aestheticism. But how to make that interesting in six pages.

—German. I am still making flashcards. I am up to the letter E. I sneaked a peek at some Adorno yesterday and I still can't fucking read it.

—Entropy is settling like a blanket. There are places where the books should be, and the books are not there. The coffee mugs have undergone a diaspora and are all over my desk. The beer bottles contain no beer.

—Finish Culture and Imperialism. It's a TARDIS-book. It's too large to possibly fit inside that slim paperback cover.

—There's some other reading in the future. Olaudah Equiano, photocopies, essays. I still haven't finished that other book on Maya shamanism.

—Cat litter migrates from the litterbox. It forms cat-litter dunes that take three days and nights to cross. They bury the head of Ozymandias.

—500 words/day, 500 words/day, I am a little train that says 500 words/day, even if it is like pulling an ore cart up a mountain half the time. Have to break 104 today.


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