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Well hello Devil
hello hello
haven't seen you in a while
almost forgot the fucking contours of your face
almost forgot the lash of your firewhip


Just because you vomit it doesn't mean it's poison. You don't know what you're rejecting. It's all right. It's temporary

(that's the litany)


Now more than ever it is essential to maintain a proper diet. Exercise. Keep taking those pills. Meditate IF YOU CAN SIT STILL

"When a monk feels an unpleasant sensation, he knows 'I have felt an unpleasant sensation.'" DEVIL

Who asked for a body?
Who asked for a mind?
Who asked for these minimum-efficiency eyes?
not I not I not I


The boulder just rolled down the hill, and it's time to start pushing it up again. Camus said, "One must imagine Sisyphus happy." Camus was a dipshit.


Iiieee had a really bad dream
It lasted twenty years seven months and twenty-seven days


"All right. I know I'm behaving badly, and I'm going to go on behaving badly. This is a situation where people do behave badly."        —Graham Greene, The Quiet American

You know A in Beckett's "Act Without Words II," who begins and ends the play with a prayer? It's obvious that A isn't praying for anything; hope has long been extinguished. Just an acknowledgment of his existence, maybe, is all he wants. That, and the forms must be preserved if we're all to keep from crawling into our holes and dying, like the wounded animals we are. The cat asks to be fed; I oblige her, tell her to be grateful she doesn't have enough neocortex to understand how bleak it really is.

Let you go to sleep
Feeling bad as me
Let you go to sleep
Feeling bad
There's a mean bone in my body
It's connected to the problems
That I won't take for an answer
I won't take that from you


You Keep Me Hangin' On (mp3, 2 megs and change) (Brian Hollant, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland, Jr.; Stone Agate Music Division [BMI])


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