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perros de mierda

Because I know you all want to smile, I have dug up that old chestnut where Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni interview each other.

TOM WAITS: They say that if you tap on a watermelon and it has a certain sound, it's a red watermelon.

ROBERTO BENIGNI: Hah! I tap the camera. This sounds very good, yes.

TOM WAITS:Yeah, it's red. But not always. Sometimes it's rotten. With insects living inside of it.


TOM WAITS: I think that's a good metaphor, the watermelon.

Waits also talks to Elvis Costello, and it's a little more subdued but still all over the place.

ELVIS: I'd be very suspicious of anybody that seems to have to move to the next level of expression. I distrust that: now I'm writing a book, now I'm being an actor. It should be a natural thing. I think it's a natural thing for you to act. But I think that people that feel that, because they've written one maybe quite beautiful love song that equips them to play Romeo, is probably misguided. I don't think that necessarily follows at all, it's an uneven equation.

TOM: You would trust that type of a diversion from somebody with more discipline than you would from somebody who has a complete lack of discipline, has gone into those worlds without a ticket or a passport.

Marlowe has a theory that we all need an anti-art, some method of expression other than our primary one that we can indulge in without pressure, just for the hell of it. Seems reasonable to me. I might need four or five anti-arts. Everyone else gets to have hobbies.


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