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christian soldiers

I got an email from Columbia Records yesterday, letting me know that rasputina.com "is revamped and very fun and interesting." They're right, assuming you're into Rasputina: three ladies who play cellos through distortion pedals and wear corsets onstage. They describe their style as "chamber-goth." The good news here is that in this era of evil record corporations consolidating, when even Morrissey is having trouble getting signed, it seems that Columbia is sticking with this eclectic, small-selling act. The site includes a collection of insults that their singer hurled at the Marilyn Manson crowd, back when they were opening for the Antichrist Superstar.

How can you be so mean? Because Wal-Mart is your Dream and it's all you have, you fuckers.

Why are you killing us with your kindness? We're sorry you have to wait forever for His Highness.

Where's Manson? Why he's shopping at the Hallmark Christmas store!

I know, it is very exciting; Manson will be out in just a few thousand hours. You are axing yourself: What will he be wearing? Will he get blood on me?

If you came here to see: Forbidden Monkey Cutting, or Unsanitary Satanic Napkin Folding, this is your lucky night.

I know I wish I was fingerpainting at the Putt-Putt golf party across the road right now, and I bet you do too, you little inbreds. But we're all stuck here, at the Festival of Evil.

Suck, Feed, and Plastic are all dead, maybe. At least temporarily. Time for an elegiac shower.


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