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hog callin blues

Apparently the Workshop has a prom at the end of the year. It's about the only social event that everyone goes to, and people actually wear tuxedos and it's actually called "prom" and so on. This is extremely cute, and possibly will allow me to redeem my past. I went to one prom in high school, and it wasn't even for the school I was attending at the time. I accompanied Happycat and his girlfriend; my date was a girl I didn't know well who had offered to spring for the tickets, so I said okay.

8:00 pm: I'm trying to figure out how to put the goddamn tux on. The only time I've worn such a contraption.

8:30 pm: Happycat and I leave for his girlfriend's house.

8:50 pm: We pull into the girlfriend's driveway and realize that we've left the corsages in Happycat's refrigerator. We pull back out as she opens the door. "Maybe she'll think it was a car in another driveway," I say.

9:30 pm: Back at her place, with corsages. Pause as her father, who is a professional photographer, takes pictures of everyone. On to pick up my date, who lives at the literal other end of Tucson. I no longer remember why she was at this high school.

10:30 pm: Driving, dinner. Surprisingly, the sushi place is still open.

11:30 pm: Arrive at the prom with a half hour to go. We dance, but can't really get into it. It's kind of dispiriting and reminds me why I hated everything when I was seventeen. The only consolation is that my ex-girlfriend is there with terrible hair and a 300-pound pizza deliveryman as her date.

12:00 am: Back to Happycat's place. Drink sherry, smoke cigars. I know, we were snobs even then. We also watch Tank Girl. Ninety minutes into the movie I pass out on Happycat's couch. This was my principal hobby in high school.

So, as you can see, my expectations for this prom are quite high.

This is good news (Dutch gay marriage), but then I get upset while reading it, especially the bit about euthanasia: how come my country is so backward about these things?

Genetically modified mice eat more, weigh less, and only some of them die. "They appear happy," scientists say.


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