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et tu

Julius Caesar, dead 2044 years today - though actually anniversaries don't mean anything that far back because of Gregorian calendar reform.

Britney Spears wrote a novel.

Recent quotes by and about G.W.Bush:

BUSH: Part of the problem in dealing with North Korea, there's not very much transparency. We're not certain whether they're keeping to all terms of all agreements. [The U.S. has only one agreement with North Korea.]


ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL EXPLAINING BUSH'S STATEMENT IN LIGHT OF THE FACT THAT NORTH KOREA IS NOT KNOWN TO HAVE VIOLATED THE AGREEMENT: I'm not trying to put words in the president's mouth, and I'll leave his statement stand. But what there is concern about is the verification of existing arrangements ... There are transparency questions that North Korea is not a transparent state, and therefore we do not have a 100 percent ability to monitor these agreements. So his concern about them is not of a specific instance of violation, but our confidence in whether or not these agreements are being violated or not.

SAME OFFICIAL, LATER: When he said, agreement arrangements, what he's talking about is the proposal that was on the table at the end of the administration wasn't verifiable, in his mind ... He was referring to the totality of it in the sense that I was saying that he's concerned about there not being verifiable --

SAME OFFICIAL, LATER: The president is always correct.

GREENPEACE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JOHN PASSACANTANDO, EXPLAINING BUSH'S BROKEN ENERGY PLEDGE: The good news is if Bush is not planning on doing anything real about solving global warming, it's a blessing that he's not smart enough to use green rhetoric. What he's done here is very honest: He told the American public how bad he's going to be on global warming.

Folks, we've got ourselves a president who requires exegesis.


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