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Untitled Document is Britain's answer to the Onion. From "Dead Pensioner Mistaken for Art":

Stanley Foster, aged 73 from Brixton, tripped and fell outside the Tate Modern gallery on the south bank of the River Thames, yesterday. Initially unconscious from the head injury he sustained, Mr Foster failed to receive any assistance from passers-by as they believed that he was an exhibit.

After some period of time a small group of people amassed around the stricken pensioner and began to comment on his "post-modern stance against the insouciance of popular culture."

They also make fun of Jakob Nielsen.

A collection of Mexican gypsy slang, mostly gloriously obscene (Babelfish version indifferently rendered in English). Tapado is the word for the eternally (until now) victorious PRI presidential candidate, and a zorrero is a cat burglar who steals your clothes and defecates in the place of the theft. PseudoDictionary, a user-contributed lexicon, is also worth a gander. Sample entries:

pseud - Person who pretends to know much more than he/she does, in order to impress an audience (ex. Those philosophy majors are all such pseuds about Wittgenstein and such).

e-shaft - to ignore someone's email... to not reply (ex. I'm bored at work today, so please don't give me the e-shaft. -OR- I've emailed her 3 times this week, and she keeps e-shafting me!)

janky-ass - Something that sucks, or has crappy quality. (ex. Mike has a janky-ass ride.)

The Register has picked up on "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." They have the old Zero Wing intro, the best part of which is the captain's expression when he says "What you say!!" Also, there's a Flash electronica video, which is mostly interesting as an exercise in completely emptying a phrase of any semantic weight.

Via Zeldman, here's a column by someone who claims to have gone to a Martin Amis reading and insulted Salman Rushdie for liking Beckett's prose. "All you need is maximum ugliness and a lot of negatives. ‘Nor it the nothing never is.’ ‘Neither nowhere the nothing is not.’ ‘Non-nothing the never-’"

It's late again. How did this happen?


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