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the jailor's daughter

Approximately 1731 years ago today, a guy was beaten to death with clubs.

Aw, Google's got a bouncing heart. Stuff like this plays on my sentimental side in the worst possible way, and I resent it because it works. Historical recap of this day:

14 February 1997. Freshman year. I get drunk alone, in my room, on vodka. At 4:30 in the morning (so technically the 15th) I call my parents to tell them I love them. "Have you been drinking?" my mother blearily asks. "No," I say, unconvincingly.

14 February 1998. I get drunk with some other people, in my room, on vermouth. There's some dormitory dance whose theme is the recently released Titanic. An ex-girlfriend of mine is running up and down the halls, but this doesn't affect me too much because it was sort of an accident that I dated her at all.

14 February 1999. This was the single show my band ever played off campus, at Club Boomerang in San Francisco. It was a big step up for us because we were actually playing through some sort of mixing board. Here we are: Adam, Chris and myself, left to right. Poor Robb never got in any of the pictures. The disembodied arm on the right in this one is from this girl who came onstage and started dancing next to me, and I didn't know what to do.

14 February 2000. Lyse and I have a nice dinner and try to rent Casablanca, except it's missing from each of the like four video stores we go to. We finally rent Dr. Strangelove instead. Also, the brand of wine we buy at Ernie's Liquors turns out to be undrinkable.

14 February 2001. "Song of Roland," my cheery novella which is mostly about death and thwarted love, goes up in workshop. I'm bringing the whiskey-heavy Dublin Punch to class, because even if nobody else drinks it, I'm going to need it.

According to this, there are movie deals in the works for two classic Onion articles: "Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated" and "Tenth Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell." Okay, so they're funny articles, but this does not strike me as a good idea.

Huh, organisms are allowed to evolve in Kansas again.


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